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    Selected Articles

    KRG publishes approved Kurdistan Region Oil and Gas Law in Arabic and English, updated model contract

    Does Independence Beckon?

    Iraq region takes initiative during wait for oil law

    Iraqi Foreign Minister Demands That Iran Stop Shelling of Kurdish Area in North

    Pro-Kurdish leader vows loyalty to Turkey’s unity

    Iraq warns Iran over shelling of Kurdish areas

    Iraq war strategy needs more time to bear fruit: George Bush

    2007-08-26 18:28 Iraq’s Maliki lashes out at Hillary Clinton

    Iraqi Leaders Reach Accord On Prisoners, Ex-Baathists

    US warns against unconstitutional moves in Turkey

    Oasis in Iraq: Universities Flourish in Kurdista

    Kurds flee homes as Iran shells villages in Iraq

    Iran troop ‘build-up near Iraq border’

    Iraqi President Starts Talks to Try to Bring Sunnis Back

    Parliament sworn in with calls for peace and dialogue

    Kurdistan Oil and Gas Law approved by Kurdistan Parliamen

    KRG oil law moves forward

    Kurds risk jail in Turkey in language row

    Saddam’s Road to Hell documentary nominated for Emmy award

    The Us, Iran and Iraq meeting